Age of Conan

Isle of the Twelve-Eyed Thing
September 2020

Swords of the Red Brotherhood
August 2020

The Sinister Simulacra (A Savage Tale)
January 2019

Mountain of the Moon-God
April 2018

Slaves of the Silver Lotus
June and July 2017

Curse of the Giant-Kings
May 2017

The Dragon in Scarlet
March and April 2017

The Jewel of Khadim Bey
January and February 2017

In which Enki and Karrak swiftly slayed several unknown assailants to rescue a palanquin, learned of Lady Khastris' stay with Lady Areel of the disgraced house of Endithor, and heard in Abuletes' Tavern of the missing Starstone and the Tannimahr, a Turanian thieves' guild.

Meanwhile, Amani, Nepthys, and Sigurd arrived in the Zamoran city of Shadizar the Wicked, where they inquired about caravans and hoped to head northeast to the ruins of Larsha for lost lore. They visited the home of sage Zheng-Ya of Khitai but found it guarded by the Chosen of Zath.

At the Black Beast (inn, tavern and fighting pit), the two teams converged as Amani, Nepthys, and Sigurd offered to help Sorcha and Jochim find their daughter Sabiha in return for assistance with the Chosen of Zath.

Enki and Karrak had met jailer Huzzar Lok at Abuletes' Tavern, so they sent Nepthys to see if she could question Sabiha. The Stygian healer found the girl unharmed but was unable to extract much information under the guards' prying eyes.

Enki and Karrak found Huzzar Lok at Madame Ilga's House in the Desert neighborhood. They offered the intoxicated constable an ivory token to Madame X'arthalla's Palace of Pleasure in the wealthy district in return for the following:

  • He would release Sabiha to them (to obtain Sorcha and Jochim's aid and learn about the Starstone).
  • Naming the "Great Benkii," vizier of the Tannimahr, as the one paying to frame and temporarily imprison Sabiha.
  • A future favor from the jailer, to be determined later.

Shadizar the Wicked