Enki Schwetzyn

Gene D.'s Zamoran thief for Jason E.R.'s "Age of Conan" game


Player Character: “Enki Schwetzyn”

  • Role-Player: Gene D.
  • Campaign: Age of Conan: Red Is for the Wolves” sword-and-sorcery nautical campaign, using Savage Worlds
  • Game Master: Jason E.R.
  • Date created: 12 December 2016
  • Date revised: 12 July 2021
  • Species/nationality: Zamoran human (+1 free Edge)
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: Thief
  • Rank: Veteran
  • Description: Short, average build, dark complexion (looks like Nick Tarabay in Starz’s Spartacus)

Attributes (d4 + 5 pts.):

  • Agility: d10
  • Smarts: d6
  • Spirit: d6
  • Strength: d6
  • Vigor: d10

Derived Stats:

  • Pace: 6" (average)
  • Parry (AC; 2+1/2 Fighting): 7
  • Toughness (2+1/2 Vigor; vs. damage, incl. 2 armor): 7/9

Health (note Heroic healing — can make Vigor check after an encounter):

  • Wounds: -1, -2, -3 (shaken), -4 (incapacitated)
  • Fatigue: -2, -1

Hindrances (2 minor, 1 major):

  • Curious (major)
  • Fear of Magic (minor)
  • Wanted (minor) — as a criminal

Edges (+1, human, see also maneuvers; Quick Draw removed):

  • Block: +1 Parry, ignore 1 point of Gang Up bonus
  • Common Bond: Can share bennies with initial partner “Karrak/Stick
  • Dodge: -2 to be hit by ranged attacks
    • Improved Dodge: +2 to Evasion totals
  • Double Tap: Removes -2 on Rain of Blades (improved daggers, see below; normally negates -1 to hit and damage w/ RoF 1)
  • First Strike: Once per turn, if not shaken, get free Fighting attack on adjacent foe and interrupts their action.
  • Knife-Throwing (Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+, Throwing d8+): In addition to basic ranged attacks, may attempt the following special maneuvers:
    • The Bitter Retort: The knife-fighter may choose to do nonlethal damage without the -1 Athletics penalty when using throwing knives.
    • Rain of Blades: The character may throw up to three knives at multiple ranged target(s) at -2 penalty for each attack. If it’s the same target, the penalty is reduced to -1.
    • Steely Eyes: A trained knife-fighter may move while taking the Aim maneuver (which also applies to the Marksman Edge).
  • Marksman: Ignore up to 2 pts. of penalties from Range, Cover, Called Shot, Scale, or Speed; or add +! to first Athletics (throwing) or Shooting; no RoF >1
  • Streetwise: +2 to Intimidation or Persuasion for Network with criminals, as well as Common Knowledge rolls
    • To get: Close Fighting?

Bennies: 3

Skills known (12 to start.; +1d6 Wild Die)

  • Athletics (Strength; climb, swim, throw): d10
  • Boating (Agility): d4
  • Common Knowledge (Smarts): d4
  • Fighting (Agility): d8
  • Notice (Smarts): d4
  • Performance (Spirit; deception): d4
  • Persuasion (Spirit): d4
  • Riding (Agility): d4
  • Shooting (Agility): d4
  • Stealth (Agility; see “The Drop,” p. 100): d8 (+1 from Thieves’ cloak in dim light)
  • Survival (Smarts): d6
  • Thievery (Agility; incl. lock picking, pick pockets, poisoning, sleight of hand, traps): d8

(d4 = 1 pt., d6 = 2 pts., d8 = 3 pts., d10 = 4 pts., d12 = 5 pts.)

Spells/Powers: 0

Languages: Hyborian, Hyrkanian, Zamoran (literate)


  • Crossbow, hand (Range 10/20/40, 3d6 damage, AP 2, RoF 1, 5 lb., 250 silver pieces)
  • Daggers, 12 (Range 3/6/12, Str + 2d4 damage, RoF 1, 1 lb. ea., 25 s.p. each; 3 silvered)
  • Short Sword (Str + 2d6, 3 lb., 100 s.p.)


  • Armor: Leather jacket and leggings (+2, 15 lb., 5 gold pieces)
  • Backpack (2 lb., 5 silver pieces)
  • Bedroll (4 lb., 5 sp)
  • Blanket (4 lb., 1 gold piece)
  • Climbing gear (6 lb., 2 gp)
  • Clothing: normal (2 gp), Thief’s cloak (+1 Stealth, 2 lb., 10 gp), winter (3 lb., 7 sp)
  • Crowbar (2 lb., 1gp)
  • Flint and steel (1 lb., 3 bronze pieces)
  • Grappling hook (2 lb., 5 gp)
  • Ivory token — to get to house of pleasure in Shadizar’s noble district
  • Knife, Zybar blade (d6)
  • Lantern, bullseye (3 lb. 5 sp)
  • Lockpicks (1 lb., 10 gp)
  • Leather satchel (2 lb., 3 sp)
  • Mirror, metal (1 lb., 2 sp)
  • Money, 1,830 s.p., 8 b.p.
  • Oil, 1 pint (2 lb., 2 bp)
  • Rations: 1 week’s (10 lb., 7 sp)
  • Rope, 10 ft. (15 lb., 1 gp)
  • Sack, empty (1/2 lb., 1 gp)
  • Soap (1/5 lb., 1 bp)
  • Spikes, 10 (10 lb., 1 gp)
  • Quiver for 20 quarrels (4 lb., 1 gp)
  • Waterskin (1 lb., 1 sp)
  • Whetstone (1 lb., 1 sp)

Enki was born into a poor family of cobblers in the Zamoran city of Shadizar the Wicked.

He spent most of his childhood on the streets but learned how to fight from an uncle who had served in the Argossian navy.

Enki has no qualms about stealing for a living, and he was pleased to find a sturdy ally in “Stick,” a Cimmerian Barbarian he met during the reign of King Conan in Aquilonia. They found like-minded fighters….

Player Characters for Jason E.R.’s Age of Conan sword-and-sorcery campaign, using Savage Worlds, as of winter 2016-2017:

  • Enki Schwetzyn [Gene D.]-male Zamoran human thief, knife thrower, works with Stick
  • Amani-Nataki Shabaka [Beruk A.]-male Kushite human witch hunter, traveling with Lamech and Brogar
  • Lamech [Brian W.]-male Shemite human, bold archer
  • Karrak/Stick [Bruce K.]-male Cimmerian human, barbarian warrior from the massacred Ember Wolf clan
  • “Nepthys” [Rich C.G.]-female Stygian human relic hunter and devotee of Ibis
  • Brogar [Brian S.]-male Aesir human barbarian, friendly fighter with hopes of heroic acts
  • “Sigurd” [Drew S.]-male Brythunian human beast master and leper, traveling with dog Yeager and Nepthys
  • Catarrin Rinj [Byron V.O.]-male Aquilonian human noble from an unlucky family, sage and relic hunter

In “The Jewel of Khadim Bey” (Jan. and Feb. 2017), Enki and Karrak rescued an aristocrat, got entangled in intrigues around the Chosen of Zath, and searched for a legendary gem. They also fell in with fellow adventurers in “the Desert,” a neighborhood in Shadizar, and dealt with the Tanamar, a Turanian thieves’ guild.

In “The Dragon in Scarlet” [March and April 2017], Enki and company learned more about sorcerers in his home city and continued their pursuit of potent jewels. Their search took them to aristocratic villas and a strange tower….

In “Curse of the Giant Kings” [May 2017], the team traveled west and encountered a Fomorian.

In “Slaves of the Silver Lotus” [June and July 2017], Enki and company tried to solve the Curse of the Silver Lotus, thwart more foul sorcery, and defeat doppelgangers….

In “The Isle of the 12-Eyed Thing,” the crew of the Bloody Blade made its way to Tortuga, got caught in a mutiny led by Nestor, and fought bat-like Shadow creatures. They were unable to retrieve gems but did see Kushite/Stygian Akhet-atum….

Player Characters for Jason E.R.’s Age of Conan:” Red Is For the Wolves sword-and-sorcery campaign, using Savage Worlds, as of fall 2020:

  • Enki Schwetzyn [Gene D.]-male Zamoran human thief, knife thrower, works with Stick
  • Karrak/Stick [Bruce K.]-male Cimmerian human, barbarian warrior from the massacred Ember Wolf clan
  • “Sigurd” [Drew S.]-male Brythunian human beast master and leper, traveling with dog Yeager and Nepthys
  • Zafar [Brian S.]-male Shemite human acrobat and sailor
  • “Thespalvio Tortorici” [Josh C.]-male Zingaran human corsair and smuggler
  • In “Swords of the Red Brotherhood” [August 2020], Enki, Stick, and Sigurd were joined by Zafar and Thespalvio in escaping the “Torture Rock” prison on Valetta Island. They found their way onto the Bloody Blade, a pirate ship commanded by one “Ironbones.”

Enki Schwetzyn

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