Amani-Nataki Shabaka




Amani was trained and by an order of Witch Hunters. His specialty was resisting spells and engaging in melee combat. However he began to question certain practices as his order were very selective which witches they would target and some leaders he believed were taking bribes to look the other way. His consternation was noticed by masters in his order, and coincidentally was sent on a mission to guide an Aquilonian mage who was on an excursion, with orders to kill him after completion if possible or during the expedition. However Amani noticed at least on of his order, Musa was in the vicinity as well as other Kaush “hunters”. Remembering his last exchanges with his masters, as well as recalling a few cases of other Witch Hunters on the bad side of masters of his order disappearing. He told Catarrin that some suspicious looking locals maybe hunting them (not divulging the full details of how Amani and him were set together). Needless to say Amani and Cattarin survived, the rest of the expedition were not so lucky. Amani captured Musa, and basically told him to send a message to the order that he was done with them and that any attempts to further silence him will have unpleasant repercussions for them. Musa on the other hand was quick to say “Watch your Back”, but Amani never really felt threatened by Musa.
Leaving the order is still an adjustment socially to say the least, he particularly find mixing with women particularly vexing. Ironically the Stygian witch is actually the one woman he seems to be able to have a relatively civil rapport with with. And the other Stygian woman Theba… I mean Sigurd is a decent fellow, but he is a bloody leper.!

Amani has a thing for Stygian women it appears.

Amani-Nataki Shabaka

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