Karrak -- AKA: "Stick" (A Cimmerian)


Player Character – Bruce: Karrak the Cimmerian

Species/Nationality: Cimmerian Human

Gender: Male

Occupation: Warrior

Rank: Novice

Description: Shorter (for a Cimmerian) 6’2" 225 pds and strong but lanky.


Strength: D8
Agility: D6
Vigor: D8
Smarts: D4
Spirit: D6

Derived Stats:

Charisma: 2 (Edge – Attractive +2 CHR)
Pace: 6
Parry: 6 (
1 buckler) 7
Toughness: 6 (Leather Armor +1) 7

Hindrances (Minor – Amorous – sucker for pretty face) (Minor – Fear of Magic)
(Major – Vengeful – hates Picts – they killed his village – clan and family)

Edges (+1 Human) (1 Charisma +2 – +2 point increase to Spirit – Sweep – all around me hit at -2


Climbing (Strength): D4
Fighting (agility): D8
Notice (smarts): D4
Stealth (Agility): D6
Persuasion: D4
Survival (Smarts): D4
Riding: D4
Shooting: D6
Tracking: D4
Streetwise: D4

Languages: Hyborian, Cimmerian

Weapons: Longsword – Shortbow – Dagger – 24 arrows

Gear: Leather Jerkin – Buckler – Heavy cloak – Boots – Backpack – 3 torch – 3 oil – Flint & Steel – Rations and water – Quarrel – Whetstone

Common Bond: Share bennies with Enki


*Karrak has always been smaller than most of those around him. The average Cimmerian is 6’6 to 6’8" — He has been underestimated and others have tried to dismiss him – That is – Until they found out what he was made of. He would have none of this and therefore always tried harder than anyone else. His perseverance and grit and stubbornness – forged him the nickname “Stick” among his people – because Karrak would always “Stick with it” and never give up.

Because of his smaller size and ability to move super quietly and fit into tight spaces – and hide well – Karrak was soon discovered to be a great scout for his Cimmerian Tribe – The Ember Wolves.

It was one of these long range scouting missions that perhaps saved him from the fate – most of the others of his tribe eventually fell to. One cold winter – The savage Picts were having a tough time of surviving and getting enough food – so they organized 3 tribes – The Bloody Claw – The Ripping Fangs – and the Hawks Talon tribes and came down in surprise upon the Ember Wolves tribe.

Karrak was out scouting a cave with a few Hibernating bears in it – that the village was going to attack to get food and other supplies the bears were hoarding. He was not (in his village) there when 2/3rds of his clan were killed. A few escaped and others fled – but hurt and weakened – they were eventually captured by Vanir or Aesir as slaves.

Karrak returned to his village to find it burned to the ground amid – chaos and death. The chieftain of the village was dead – Karrak’s parents were dead – and the few friends he had were dead or missing.

Karrak gathered up what he could and fled. He kept on moving further away from Cimmeria and the Northern realms – eventually finding himself in Shadizar – the city of the wicked. There he began a career as a mercenary and also a thief – and eventually ran into another thief – Enki – that he has grown to trust and befriend. These two have figured out it is much better to have someone watching your back – then to be alone.

Karrak -- AKA: "Stick" (A Cimmerian)

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